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Beauty & Well-Being

Love Your Skin

The purpose of this blog is to remind you to take a minute for yourself. For many Mum’s, self care or any kind of grooming that requires complete concentration and otherwise be hazardous with a small child clinging to your leg is a no, no….

Learning through Play

Tactile Shells by Edxeducation

Sometimes the simple toys are always the most fun. I’m a big fan of toys that encourage children to use their imaginations. Over the years I have learnt the painfully expensive lesson, that the novelty of flashing, gimmicky toys that deliberately play annoyingly catchy tunes…


Give Yourself a Break

Have you ever had one of those parent moments when you wished you could just hit rewind, take a deep breath, reset and do things differently? I had one of those moments a couple of days ago. Flo had been particularly difficult all day and…


Top Ten Lockdown Activities

It’s week 7 and I definitely feel like I’m running on empty. I feel like my motivation has packed up its bags and headed for the hills, who’s with me? I’ve started to write myself a daily list of planned activities for the girls to…


Play Osmo

Normally speaking like many parents, I try and keep screen time down to a minimum. However we are now in week 7 of lockdown and sometimes the girls (and me) need a little down time and the only way I can stop the girls tearing…


Phonics Fun

With Bella starting school in September (fingers crossed) I have been basing our daily activities a lot around phonics, letters and general writing practice. I’m a massive fan of learning through play and I really believe this method works. If you want to start teaching…