I don’t know about you, but when it comes to pampering myself, I’m not very consistent, but when I do take the time, I am always amazed at how great I feel afterwards. This is your reminder to set aside some “me time” this week. Whether it be a face mask, hair mask, soak in the bath or simply time to paint your nails or moisturise, do something for you. I’m feeling all Zen and smug tonight (can you tell), I managed to pamper myself from head to toe and I feel a million dollars.

Tonight I let the girls bedtime routine slide, they had just watched Ugly Dolls for the millionth time and they were full of it, to be fair it’s full of feel-good songs, even I find myself belting them out in the shower. They wanted to play Ugly Dolls and they were playing so nicely together that I thought sod it. I have been sent some beauty products from L’ABU Skin https://www.labuskin.com to review and I was dying to try them, plus I needed to wash my hair, there’s only so long a Mama can get away with dry shampoo.

By the way, I’m going to write a separate more detailed blog on the L’ABU Skin products that I have been sent, as they definitely deserve their own spot in the spotlight. When it comes to beauty products, I like to mix it up and swap and change the brands that I use. My skin can often get lazy and if I use a product too regularly it looses its desired effect. I wanted to share my favourite beauty products that I am currently using, this is not an ad by the way, most of these products, I have brought or they were Birthday presents.


I have really struggled to find a decent shampoo and conditioner that works well on coloured hair (if you have any recommendations do share). I had my hair highlighted just before the 2nd lockdown, it’s in desperate need for a trim and it’s feeling a bit drab. I was brought some Green People Natural Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner https://www.greenpeople.co.uk for my Birthday and it has worked wonders on my hair, it’s organic, SLS-free and silicone free and it’s perfect for strengthening damaged hair. It contains colour-lock Quinoa Protein which helps to limit colour fade and it leaves my hair feeling soft, nourished plus it smells amazing, which is a bonus.

Hair Mask

Tonight I pushed the boat out and I treated myself to a Naturtint Multi-care Mask https://www.naturtint.co.uk You simply apply to clean hair and massage into the roots right down to the tips, you let the mask work its magic for three minutes and rinse off. My hair feels so amazingly soft. There are a couple of different hair masks to choose from, I want to try the Naturtint Nourishing Hair Mask next.


Eye Make-Up Remover

I use Boots Expert Skincare Sensitive Eye Make-Up Remover to take my eye make-up off. It contains Aloe Vera which is soothing on tired Mama eyes, plus it actually works and removes waterproof mascara without leaving you looking like a panda. Apply with cotton wool, gently sweep it across your eyes and it removes make-up really easily.


I often use Temple Spa Dual Act Wet & Dry Face Cleanser https://www.templespa.com and it’s absolutely brilliant. Tonight I was excited to try my L’ABU Skin Intense Pure Refining Face Scrub. It gently exfoliates your skin and I was so pleased that it didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry, I often find this can be the case with some face exfoliators. It contains Lychee Extract, Vitamins B & C and Japanese Cherry, so it’s extremely nourishing.

Retinol Face Oil

I often use face oils before I go to bed, they are a great way to rehydrate your skin, plus I don’t really want to be busting an oily face during the day. I tried L’ABU Skin Intense Retinol Complex Oil for the first time and it’s brilliant. It felt really lightweight and not too heavy or oily on my skin and it smells so lovely. It’s absolutely brilliant for anti-ageing as it boosts collagen and elastin, whilst helping to remove dark circles giving you an even skin tone.

Face Serum

I wouldn’t normally combine a face oil with a face serum, but I was so excited to try all the L’ABU Skin products sent to me, that I got a little greedy. I am officially in love with L’ABU Skin Intense Face Serum, it works instantly and my skin felt so so soft and hydrated for hours after I had applied it. It’s infused with cucumber and passionfruit so it smells amazing and it’s formulated with natural plant extracts, vitamins A & E and skin boosting Q10 extract. The serum is really thick and nourishing so a little goes a long way.


Body Butter

My lovely friend brought me some The Body Shop goodies for my Birthday recently so I couldn’t wait to use my The Body Shop Mango Softening Body Butter https://www.thebodyshop.co.uk. It gives 24 hour intense moisture and it’s particularly amazing on dry skin. It leaves your skin smelling amazing, Flo was so impressed that she licked my arm to see if I tasted as good as I smelt, I’ll take that as a compliment.


I’m absolutely obsessed with Lush’s Volcano Foot Mask https://uk.lush.com/products/foot-care/volcano it really does work wonders and it leaves your feet feeling and looking so soft. It’s quite messy, so I don’t use it often and I wear the foot mask for 20 minutes, so when I want a quick fix, I use Lush’s Pink Peppermint Fair Trade Foot Lotion. It’s one of their best sellers and I’m not surprised because it really does leave your feet feeling super soft, smooth and smelling minty fresh.

I didn’t want to fill this blog up with cheesy pictures of me posing with the beauty products so I found a bunch of cool beauty quotes on Pinterest instead. Thanks to the joys of homeschooling, I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front but I am back and have lots to share with you! On another note a big well done to all you parents that survived homeschooling, you made it!