We love books in the Carpenter household, so the bedtime routine is one of my faves as it’s also Bella’s & my quality time together.

Bella has four different stories each night, but we mainly rotate her favourite books. I don’t know about you, but reading the same books each night can get a little repetive, so I actually get excited when someone recommends a new book!

I have composed a list of Bella’s 10 favourite bedtime stories:


Chocolate Moose for Greedy Goose-£5.99, Amazon

A fun rhyming book, where good manners are not on the menu!

Little Miss Dotty-£2.99, Amazon

A fun, silly, classic book from the Mr Men collection.

Hippo Has a Hat-£5.08, Amazon

A bunch of fashion forward animals, cause chaos in a clothes shop.

What The Ladybird Heard-£4.44, Amazon

Two bad men, Hefty Hugh & Lanky Len are plotting to steal the fine, prize cow, but with the help of the clever, little ladybird, the farm animals save the day!

Sugarlump & The Unicorn, £5.49, Amazon

A bored rocking horse yearns for a more exciting life. A blue eyed Unicorn grants his wishes and he has lots of good & bad times as a real horse.

The Tiger who Came to Tea/Mog The Forgetful Cat-£12.38, Amazon

Two classic & very sweet books. Mog is a very forgetful cat, who gets upto all sorts of mischief! And a Tiger invites himself to Sophie & her Mum’s tea party but he eats all the food & drinks all the drink in the house.

Tickle My Ears-£6.99, Waterstones

One of Bella’s faves! It’s brilliantly interactive.

Say Goodnight to the Sleepy Animals, £3.69, World of Books

A cat is on a quest to say goodnight to all her animal friends before heading home to her kittens.

Moon Rabbit, £3, Amazon

A rabbit feels lonely in the big city until she meets another rabbit in the park and they instantly make friends.

I hope these have given you some bedtime reading inspiration!