When we were kindly gifted these fab, three baby friendly cleaning products by Nimble, I knew Flo would be the right baby for the job. She is probably one of the messiest babies I know, so Sticky Stopper and Laundry Lover were most definitely put to the test and I was very impressed with the results. Here is my tried and tested review on these amazing products.

Laundry Lover

I’ve only ever used Fairy Non Bio detergent and conditioner so I was intrigued to see how well Laundry Lover cleaned our clothes. Flo was feeling very generous yesterday and did one of those delightful, teething poo’s, you know the ones that explode out of the nappy, up the back, over the legs, covering her outfit in poo. Thankfully Laundry Lover does do what it says on the tin, it really does remove food, pee and poo stains.

It’s free from nasties including enzymes, optical brighteners or dye, its gentle on colours and it leaves your clothes feeling soft and smelling so amazing! It’s so easy to use to, you just pour one cap for a normal load and that’s it! I spared you from the photographic evidence of Flo’s Poonami (you’re welcome) but here’s a pic to show how well it removed Tomato stains. Flo even took part in the inspection.

Sticky Stopper

This product is a must-have! I was very impressed at how well it cleans. I’ve used it on Flo’s High Chair, Toy Kitchen, Kitchen sides and the Kitchen floor and it works like a dream. Once again, good old Flo was trying to be helpful by launching half a plate of Spag Bowl over the kitchen floor, but not before smearing it all over her high chair and face.

Just look at that face! She has no shame whatsoever! Sticky Stopper is an antibacterial toy and surface cleaner, it’s bleach free and kills 99.9% of germs. It’s made with plant-base ingredients and Lacid Acid and it’s fragrant free. This cleaning gem not only cleans toys and surfaces, you can use it to clean potties, high chairs, bibs and lots more.

Milk Buster

The Milk Buster Baby Bottle Cleaner works as a replacement from your everyday washing up liquid. I was very impressed with how well it got rid of that annoying cloudy residue you get even when a clean bottle comes out of the dishwasher. It’s also made with plant-based ingredients including Coconut and seeds, which gently and effectively works to cleanse milk fat and protein from plastic.

You can buy these baby cleaning products from Boots or visit https://nimblebabies.com and check out their brilliant products for yourselves.