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Crafty Christmas

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know two things; we love arts and crafts and we love Baker Ross! Being a busy Mama to two little whirlwinds, the easier the craft the better. The thing I love most about Baker…


Elf on The Shelf: Week One

The elves have landed and the festive fun is in full swing! I love how excited the girls get every morning when they wake up to discover what mischief the elves have gotten up to. This is the first year that Flo has understood what…


Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is fast approaching, it’s only 26 days until the big day itself (did anyone else just break out in a cold sweat?!), so I wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer and give you guys a heads up on my top Christmas must-haves! I…


Original Biscuit Bakers

This year we should all try and shop small and support small businesses where we can. The thing I love most about blogging and running my page on Instagram is discovering lots of amazing small businesses. With the run up to Christmas, I am going…


Elf on the Shelf: Week 3

The end is near! If you’ve stuck it out this for long well done. I must admit the novelty of Elf on the Shelf is starting to wear a bit thin now, but the excitement on the girls every morning is so worth it. Here…


Little Brian Christmas Gift Guide

With only 5 days to go until the big day, the last minute, present buying panic may have already started to kick in. Don’t panic, I’ve teamed up with Little Brian to bring you their top 12 stocking fillers and gift ideas, that will put…


Elf on the Shelf: Week Two

Is it only week two? It feels like these elves have invaded our home for a lot longer, who’s with me? As promised, I said I’d write a weekly Elf on the Shelf blog, sharing my weekly set ups to help make your lives a…


Elf on the Shelf: Week one

Wahoo, we’re one week down doing Elf on the Shelf! If you’ve made it this far without giving up, well done. Only sixteen days to go, until normality returns and there’s no more sudden panic when you’ve gone to bed and forgot to move the…


Stocking Filler Inspiration

I have had a very productive, Christmas fuelled morning! I’ve been collecting the girls stocking and Christmas Eve box fillers and Elf on the Shelf bits for the past couple of months now and I’ve been stashing them into market bags and hiding them in…