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Learning through Play

Tactile Shells by Edxeducation

Sometimes the simple toys are always the most fun. I’m a big fan of toys that encourage children to use their imaginations. Over the years I have learnt the painfully expensive lesson, that the novelty of flashing, gimmicky toys that deliberately play annoyingly catchy tunes…


Play Osmo

Normally speaking like many parents, I try and keep screen time down to a minimum. However we are now in week 7 of lockdown and sometimes the girls (and me) need a little down time and the only way I can stop the girls tearing…


Phonics Fun

With Bella starting school in September (fingers crossed) I have been basing our daily activities a lot around phonics, letters and general writing practice. I’m a massive fan of learning through play and I really believe this method works. If you want to start teaching…

Learning through Play

Reading Eggs

I can’t quite believe that Bella will be starting school in 6 months time! Where have those years gone?! Over these next few months, I plan to do lots of activities to prepare Bella for big girl school, one activity in particular is becoming a…

Learning through Play

Super Sorting Pie

We’ve been doing lots of learning through play at home recently and the girls are loving it! Flo has really grown up in the past couple of months, her vocabulary is really coming along. She’s dropping new words everyday, which mostly involves bossing us around…

Go Green

Make Believe Play with ekolife

Ever since we visited NASA a couple of weeks ago, one of the girls favourite games to play together is “Space & aliens”. They were over the moon, when ekolife kindly sent them a Space Voyager to review. Ekolife create eco-friendly toys that are not…