Thanks to the pending national lockdown, I feel extra grateful that we managed our trip to CBeebies Land Hotel and CBeebies Land in Alton Towers. We kept it a secret for month’s and only told the girls two days before we were due to go. We stayed at CBeebies Land Hotel for two nights and we also booked a two day pass to the park and tickets to Splash Landings Waterpark, which was a perfect amount of time.

Before you’re allowed entrance into the resort, you all have to have your temperature checked, whilst sitting in your car, if your temperature is above 37.8 they won’t let you in, you are all given wristbands to wear to show that you have had your temperature checked. As soon as you arrive, the fun and excitement kicks in; the hotel front is colourful and lit up and CBeebies music is blaring from the speakers. The doormen are so lovely and make you feel instantly welcome, they are more than happy to help and nothing is too much trouble. The girls were over the moon, when they were offered a Freddo Treasure when we first arrived.

Check in was quick and easy, adults need to wear their masks at all times when walking around the hotel, except for when you’re sitting down to eat in the restaurant or sitting at a table in the Musical Meadow. There are lots of hand sanitiser stations dotted around the hotel and lifts are only to be used by one family at a time. I love how interactive the Hotel entrance is, there are buttons to push, that make the famous CBeebies Bugbies light up, there is a well stocked gift shop and a screen that tells you the weather forecast, park opening times and a list of daily entertainment, which is really useful.

After we checked in, we did a quick change and headed for Splash Landings Hotel which is a 5 minute walk from CBeebies Land Hotel. We had a two days for one ticket, so my Hubby and Bella had a couple of hours in the pool the next day. The changing rooms were operating as normal, there wasn’t much social distancing happening and if I am perfectly honest, the pool did seem quite busy, considering the current times. Nethertheless Bella and my Hubby had so much fun, Flo on the other hand was just getting over a virus (not THE virus), so she wanted to get out after 20 minutes.

After swimming we headed back to our hotel room and did a quick turnaround to hit the Ubercorn Disco. The entertainment staff are brilliant, really energetic, fun and engaging, kids were encouraged to copy dance moves and during the disco, Ubercorn himself comes out to join in. There is a rope between the kids and the entertainment stage, so social distancing is maintained and during most shows, children are asked to stay with their grown ups at their tables. There is table service only in the Musical Meadow, you simply scan the QR code on the table and that will bring up an online menu and then you order and pay through the app.

The cocktails were £9 each and there was the usual beer, wine and Prosecco options, I’m afraid I didn’t rate the Prosecco very much, so I stuck to Long Island Ice Teas (it’s a tough job but someone had to do it). You can order milk and water for free, which was a nice touch, the girls had their bedtime milk at the last disco, before we went up to our room. The Windmill Restaurant is the only restaurant on site and it’s recommended that you book both your dinner and breakfast reservations before your stay. The tables were spaced apart so you weren’t all on top of each other and the waiters and waitresses were really friendly and great with the kids.

The kids get a CBeebies Magazine and crayons, plus a pizza and stickers for them to create their own pizza’s. The menu is well varied but a bit on the pricey side, for example a 14 inch pizza costs £20, however it is big enough for two to share and you can have as many of the listed toppings as you like. The kids menu is well varied and the girls loved their pizza. On our last night we asked for our desserts to be put in a takeout box and we were able to have them in the Musical Meadow, whilst watching the entertainment.

The weather was awful on our first morning, so my Hubby took Bella swimming, whilst me and Flo hit the arcades in the Splash Landings Hotel. Flo loved the 2p machines and she really enjoyed collecting all her tickets. By the time we had finished, she had won enough tickets to win two small dinosaurs and a lollipop! There is a nice bar and seating area which over looks the Splash Landings Waterpark, so we based ourselves there, whilst we waiting for my Hubby and Bella to join us.

We had lunch and then headed back to our hotel room to get kitted out in our waterproofs and wellies. Thankfully the rain had stopped when we arrived at the park and because we were guests at the CBeebies Land Hotel, we got a ticket to hang in the car, which allowed us express parking, so we got right to the front of the park on both days. It’s Alton Towers Scarefest during October Half Term, so there was spooky music playing throughout the park and lots of Halloween decorations, which made great photo opportunities. We of course headed straight to CBeebies Land, I am going to write a separate blog on CBeebies Land and Alton Towers Scarefest.

We stayed in a standard Bugbies Family Room and it was the perfect size for a family of four or five. There is a separate sleeping area with bunk beds and a pull out bed if you have three children. There is a TV, night lights on the wall for both the top and bottom bunks and there is an activity wall. There is lots of hanging space, iron board and iron, hairdryer, kettle and tea making facilities, plenty of mugs and a fridge for you to store your own drinks and food in.

The room is very spacious and there was plenty of room for the girls to run around without us all being on top of each other. Our bed was comfy and the room was the perfect temperature. The bathroom was clean and a decent size but the bath is definitely made for small people, if you have long legs you will struggle to lie down. I did book a Birthday package for the girls which included a Alton Towers bear each, balloons and Birthday cake, but I was disappointed to see that it wasn’t set up in the room when we first arrived, I had to remind the front desk twice and it was waiting in our room when we got back in the evening.

The girls did like their surprise, but it was 9pm and they were partied out so they were a little too tired to really appreciate it. On the plus side, they got to take their Alton Towers Teddy Bears to bed with them that night. If you have booked a Birthday package, to avoid any disappointment, I would give the hotel a call on your way to remind them to set it up, before you arrive. Breakfast is included in the cost of the room stay and it’s really impressive, you can choose between the full works, or there is fruit, cereal, toast, pastries and yoghurts.

There is pancakes and waffles for the kids and you can eat as much as you like. On the first morning, but the time I had queued for the girls breakfast, mine and my hubby breakfast and gone up for seconds and thirds for Bella, I had queued four times, I bet they thought I was a right greedy bugger! Kids get given small cups and straws, so if your child is a bit clumsy and likes to wear their Apple Juice, not mentioning any names Florence, then you can also take your child’s drinking cup and fill it up with juice or milk. There are toilets and baby change next to the Musical Meadow and the big screen constantly plays CBeebies programmes throughout the day.

We really enjoyed our stay and we will definitely return, the girls had the best time, they particularly enjoyed the evening entertainment and everyday since we got back, Bella has been pining for the Ubercorn Disco. We are planning to return next summer and are hoping we can persuade Grandparents to join us so that me and Hubby can ride on the bigger rides at Alton Towers. We paid around £800 for our break and that included a two night stay at the CBeebies Hotel, breakfast, two day park pass and two day pass to Splash Landings Waterpark. Watch this space for my CBeebies Land and Alton Towers Scarefest blog coming soon.