Today is your 2nd Birthday. It’s so crazy to think I’ve been documenting my thoughts, good and bad times and precious family moments for a whole two years and it still never gets dull, for me anyway. When I first started to write you blog, I was a mum learning how to cope with two children, Flo was only four months old and Bella had fully embraced terrible twos. I remember feeling so overwhelmed and frustrated that motherhood had fully consumed me and I yearned for a creative outlet and that’s where you came in.

I desperately needed to kick start my brain and reignite my passion for writing, so I decided to start a blog. I remember sitting on the sofa one night with Auntie Tracy and my cousin Casie discussing what my new blog should be called. Bella’s favourite sentence at the time was “Mama do it” and there you go, MamaDoIt Blog was born.

I started to write with no expectations of people actually reading you blog. I hadn’t really used Instagram that much, let alone knew what an Influencer was, I just enjoyed the release it gave me and I also loved the fact that I was documenting the girls growing up. I’ve written a total of 375 blog posts in the past two years, from Flo’s weaning journey to the first time she crawled and walked to potty training Bella the first, second and third time, to craft ideas, days shared with friends, days out and so much more, I’ve shared it all through you.

Since I first started you blog, I’ve discovered my love for Instagram although my Hubby would call it an obsession. I love how it’s introduced me to so many wonderful small businesses, other amazing parent and lifestyle bloggers and I’ve even made friends along the way. I now get the opportunity to work with lots of brilliant brands and I seriously get a kick out of creating great content for them. After two years of blogging and using Instagram as a hobby, I’m now on the journey to turn Mamadoit Blog into a business.

This is a tribute to you blog, thank you for keeping me sane and thank you to all my followers, family and friends for reading my blog over these past two years, your support, comments and likes are appreciated more than you’ll ever know. I’m planning to put all of my blogs together into a book, so that I can show the girls when they are older. I think it would make a great keepsake. Happy 2nd Birthday Mamadoit Blog now pass me some cake!