The elves have landed and the festive fun is in full swing! I love how excited the girls get every morning when they wake up to discover what mischief the elves have gotten up to. This is the first year that Flo has understood what is going on and she truly believes that our elves are real. Here is my weekly round up of my Elf on The Shelf ideas.

We’re Back!

The girls Elves Max, Seren and Buddy always like to make an entrance, when they arrive from the North Pole. I ordered these amazing, personalised We’re Back balloons and a personalised star each for the girls, full of Christmas themed chocolates from The Wright Gifts on Facebook. The elves also brought the girls a Letter to Santa kit, Christmas books, Christmas window stickers, Baker Ross Snow Globe kit, personalised Elf teddies and their advent calendars.

Day Two: Crackers

Max and Seren had heaps of fun pulling crackers with the girls Lori Dolls and horses, but thankfully they saved a cracker each for the girls. Buddy decided to hang out in the tree, which Flo found absolutely hilarious.

Day Three: Babysitting Duties

Max and Seren asked the girls to babysit Baby Rudi and Baby Snowflake in exchange for a candy cane each. The girls of course gladly accepted, it’s not everyday you get to eat a candy cane for breakfast and baby-sit a cute baby elf! The countdown to Christmas cards are from The Happy Design Co and the baby elves are from Etsy.

Day Four: My Little Pony

The Elves hung out with the girls My Little Ponies and set up camp in mine and my Hubby’s room. They covered the My Little Ponies in My Little Pony Stickers but left enough for the girls to play with. These My Little Pony sticker books are from

Day Five: Sloths

Both of the girls are obsessed with Sloths, so I knew I had to get these super cute Sonny The Sloth’s from Aldi. The Elves gathered up the girls Sloth teddies and they brought the girls a new Sloth Teddy to cuddle.

Day Six: The Baby Club

This has to be one of the girls favourites! They both burst into fits of giggles when they saw their babies with beards and moustaches! The cheeky elves decided to give the babies a makeover with Play-Doh. I have put my message board in a safe place and can’t find it, so I have been having to cut out shapes-oops!

Day Seven: Letter from Father Christmas

The Elves brought the girls their very own letters from Father Christmas! These letters were kindly gifted by and they contain a letter from Father Christmas which is personalised, a certificate to say that your little one is on the nice list, plus a Mrs Clause Christmas Cookie recipe. Keep an eye out for my blog for a closer look!