Just the term ‘Sleep Regression’ can make any experienced parent shudder at the sheer words! I’ve buried the memory of Bella’s Sleep Regressions in the dark corners of my mind, but it looks like Deja Vu has reared it’s ugly head!

Flo is going through the 6 Month Sleep Regression and boy does it suck! Last night was particularly fun. Flo decided to wake up at 1.30am and she refused to settle or go back to sleep until 5am! She’s lucky she’s so cute!

They say that Sleep Regressions coincide with a cognitive or developmental milestone and can last between 2-6 weeks (lucky me). The baby’s brain is in overdrive and they are far too busy trying to perfect their next, new skill to do a boring thing like sleep!

In Flo’s case, she’s desperately trying to crawl! She’s doing that whole swimming thing that babies do, when they first start trying to crawl! She commando crawls backwards and gets so frustrated when she can’t go forwards!

I’m going to have my work cut out when she finally does crawl. That child is one determined, little lady who is going to be all over & into everything! I hope this Sleep Regression does one soon because there’s only so much broken sleep a Mama can take!