As I’ve mentioned previously I’m on a mission to cook more for the girls, so I’ve treated myself to two new cookbooks; Real Food Kids Will Love by Annabel Karmel and Truly Scrumptious Baby by Holly Willoughby. Today I’ll be giving you a quick review on Annabel Karmels latest Cookbook.

At a first glance I’m already impressed! The book is divided into eight chapters including the introduction, so you really do get a lot of varied recipes. I’m going to break down each chapter to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chapter 1, Family Favourites

A brilliant selection of traditional recipes for all of the family. From Pot Roast Chicken to Meatloaf, to Macaroni Bolognaise Bake to Paella, there is a dish to suit everybody and I can’t wait to work my way through these recipes. Here is a sneak peak of a Family Friendly recipe:

Chapter 2, Meat-free & Vegan

I think it’s brilliant that there’s a chapter dedicated to meat-free & Vegan eaters. It will certainly help me to experiment more in the kitchen and try different dishes. I’m looking forward to trying the Vegan Burgers, they look delicious. Here is a sneak peak of a Meat-Free & Vegan Recipe:

Chapter 3, 15 Minute Meals

Every Mum’s dream! A meal that’s not only healthy & tasty, it’s super quick to! From Butternut Squash Carbonara to Sea Bass with a Quick Cherry Tomato Sauce, there are lots of quick and easy recipes for all the family to enjoy. Here is a sneak peak at a 15-Minute Meal Recipe:

Chapter 4, Healthy ‘Fast’ Food

Who isn’t guilty of indulging in a takeaway from time to time?! The concept of healthy fast food is a bonus! From Chicken Chow Mein to Finger Lickin Chicken Wings to Chicken, Halloumi and Vegetable Kebabs, there are so many tasty recipes to choose from. Here is a sneak peak of a Healthy Fast Food Recipe:

Chapter 5, Lunchbox & Playdate Snacks

This chapter is a must for me! I love hosting playdates, so it’s great to get some fresh ideas to keep the girls and their friends fuelled to play. From savoury Muffins to pasta varieties to pitta pockets, there are lots of quick and easy ideas. Here is a sneak peak of a Lunchbox & Playdate Snacks Recipe:

Chapter 6, Desserts & Sweets

My favourite chapter! I have such a sweet tooth! Sugar makes me happy, so it’s brilliant to be able to make the girls sweet treats that are healthy (and for me & hubby to). From Plum & Blueberry Crumble to Oat, Raisin and Sunflower Seed Cookies to Muffins and healthy chocolate cake, you really are spoilt for choice. Here is a sneak peak of a Dessert & Sweets Recipe:

Chapter 7, Holiday Cooking With Kids

This is a lovely chapter giving you ideas to help encourage kids to get cooking in the kitchen. From Halloween to Easter and not forgetting Christmas, there are lots of fun ideas that the kids and you will enjoy! Here is a sneak peak of a Holiday Cooking With Kids:

As you’ve probably guessed by my previous recipe blogs, I am a fan of Annabel Karmel cookbooks. I would definitely recommend this book to families with toddlers and older kids. It really is jam-packed full with inspiration.

It also has a handy Vegetable & Fruit reward chart, which is brilliant idea for motivating the salad or fruit dodgers in your pack. We all know how toddlers and kids love a sticker reward chart. You can buy Real Food Kids Will Love by Annabel Karmel for £11.15 on Amazon.