This weekend we celebrated Flo’s 3rd Birthday and we had an absolute blast! I can’t quite believe that Flo is three already, time definitely goes quicker when it’s the second time round. Flo danced, sung, twirled and stuffed her face until almost 9pm and just after she blew out her Birthday candles she announced that “it was her best Birthday ever” and she thanked us all individually, so I think it’s safe to say that she really enjoyed her special day.

Flo’s chosen Birthday theme was Trolls, so the whole house was was decorated with Trolls bunting, colourful balloons and Starcutouts kindly gifted us three, Trolls themed, life size, cardboard cut outs which definitely added to the wow factor. I ordered a Trolls themed balloon display from The Wright Gifts on Facebook, which took centre stage, we filled the FLO Balloon boxes with Poppy Pink and Blue balloons and my very talented friend Debbie from Debilish Designs designed personalised, Poppy themed posters.

We also set up a sweet & treat table with Trolls themed popcorn boxes filled with rainbow coloured popcorn, candy floss and nibbles and Bumblebee Afternoon Tea made the most amazing Troll themed cupcakes. Following on from our yearly tradition, my Auntie Tracy came to help me set everything up, my Hubby also joined team Birthday Fairies and we ended up finishing the balloon arch around 12:30am, if that isn’t dedication, I don’t know what is! It was well worth it, Flo’s face when she first walked into the front room was absolutely priceless. I think she was in shock at first, it’s not everyday you find a life size cut out of Poppy and Branch in your living room.

Bella struggled with the fact that Flo had lots of presents to open, but Flo graciously allowed Bella to help with the unwrapping and she even let Bella open her last present. I always give the girls a couple of presents to open on each other’s Birthday’s so that they don’t feel left out, but Moaning Myrtle was having none of it. After all the presents were opened, I got the girls ready and Nana and Grandad joined us for a Birthday breakfast. The girls had Trolls plates and cups on their table and there were also Trolls table decorations too.

I found some really cool Trolls World Tour masks on Amazon and the Birthday girl insisted that we all wear them at breakfast, oh to be a fly on the wall. Flo’s entire Birthday outfit was made by small businesses. Her Birthday Trolls themed bow was made by Bow So Cute (BELLAFLO10), her Poppy themed number 3 tee was made by RosebudsandPearls (BELLARB10) and Flo’s Poppy themed Tutu was made by SJM Beauty Beautique on Instagram. She looked amazing and she knew it!

I arranged a visit from Poppy herself, through the amazing Once Upon A Wish Events and the girls excited levels were through the roof. Poppy waited in the garden, whilst Trolls themed music played in the background, Flo was the first to come running out into the garden and she was completely starstruck. Bella on the other hand couldn’t wait to tell Poppy her life story and was a right chatterbox the whole way through. Poppy kept the girls entertained for 45 minutes with games, dances and stories, they even had their own Princess Coronation and they were thrilled to receive a Birthday card each from all of the Once Upon a Wish Events characters.

A garden visit from one of your little one’s favourite characters costs £65 and it includes 45 minutes of entertainment. Social distancing was put into place right from the very start and the rule of six applied excluding the character. The interaction was brilliant and Poppy stayed in character the whole way through, it really made the girls day to sing and dance with one of their favourite characters. Once we said goodbye to Poppy, it was time for Flo to blow out the candles on her Birthday cake.

Nana & Grandad said goodbye so that Nanny & Grandad could come and wish Flo a Happy Birthday and the celebrations continued into the evening. We had a mini disco ball and music in the front room and everyone was up and dancing. Flo’s favourite presents were her Poppy Fancy dress costume, she looked hilarious in the pink wig and her Trolls Boom Box and microphone. Both girls were exhaustedly 9pm and they fell asleep as soon as their heads touched their pillows, I was also in bed by 10pm, the excitement was too much for this mama bear.

On Sunday we had a day out at Knockhatch Adventure Park (separate blog coming soon) and the girls had a great time, running around exploring the brand new, Dragon’s Castle and saying hello to the animals. Because the girls Birthday’s are one week apart, we used to throw massive parties and it was always chaotic. Don’t get me wrong, I loved celebrating the girls Birthday with all our family and friends, but there was something extra special about having a much smaller celebration. A big Thank You to all of you who wished Flo Happy Birthday, she had the best day, I have to do it all over again on Saturday for Bella, so watch this space!