I can’t believe my first born is five! Honestly these past five years has whizzed by, they do say that time flies when you’re having fun and with Bella’s larger than life, whirlwind personality, there is never a dull (or quiet) moment. This Birthday felt extra special because it was the first year that Bella really got it, she was bouncing off the wall excited for her Birthday and she relished every second. Bella’s chosen Birthday theme was My Little Pony so me and my honorary Birthday Fairy aka Hubby, went to town with the My Little Pony decorations and the house was covered in bunting, rainbow balloons, tassels and the amazing The Wright Events on Facebook made two beautiful balloon displays.

The girls set up camp and they had a special Birthday sleepover in our room, Bella woke first at 6am and of course was raring to go, but Flo had typically decided that she was going to have a lie in which is unheard of. Whilst Flo snored, blissfully unaware of the torture she was causing, Bella tactically stomped by Flo’s sleeping head and loudly turned on the bathroom light, which did the trick, Flo’s little body shot up fast, bed hair sticking out in all directions, she mumbled something into her dummy, but when she remembered it was Bella’s Birthday, she had the biggest smile on her face. It was then Hubby’s job to keep them contained in my bedroom whilst I turned the lights on downstairs and asked Alexa to play Stevie Wonder’s Happy Birthday song.

Bella’s face was a picture when she first walked into the front room but she wasted no time and got stuck into the unwrapping. Flo just couldn’t help herself and she sneakily grabbed presents whenever she could but she always managed to pick the “wow” presents, but Bella handled it gracefully. After breakfast, we popped to see a couple of Bella’s school friends who live on our street, to deliver Birthday cupcakes made by the amazing Bumblebee Afternoon Tea https://www.bumblebeetea.co.uk and then we headed to Drusilla’s Park for a Birthday day out.

We haven’t visited Drusilla’s Park https://www.drusillas.co.uk for over a year now so we were all very excited to visit as it’s one of our favourite family day’s out. Drusilla’s Park are definitely mindful of numbers, the park didn’t feel crowded and there are lots of Covid safety measures in place. After a quick coffee and muffin break we hit the Rainforest Carousel, followed by the Flying Cheetahs and the Hippopotobus, Flo has definitely grown more daring since our last visit and was laughing throughout most of the rides.

The girls loved playing and exploring the Go Wild play park, there is literally something for all ages and the girls had so much fun. We grabbed a quick bite for lunch and then we headed to the Zoo to say hello to the animals. The Monkeys seemed so intrigued with Bella’s colourful, rainbow Tutu and they kept coming up close to the glass, which Bella loved. The girls loved seeing the Owls and Guinea Pigs and they couldn’t wait to explore the brand new Jurassic Jungle.

This was one of Bella’s favourite part of the day, you all know how Dino mad she is, so she was so excited to see all the Dinosaurs, that move and roar. We had to explore the Jurassic Jungle twice and Bella was even tempted to go round a third time, but I managed to tempt her away with the Owls. We jumped on the rides one last time before heading home for Birthday cake. Nana and Grandad came back and we played games, danced and had Fish and chips for dinner.

My parents live in Croydon which is a London borough, so they couldn’t join us for the Birthday celebrations, which we were all gutted about, but we FaceTime when Bella was blowing out her candles and they helped to sing Happy Birthday. Bella received handmade cards and videos from her friends at School which she absolutely loved. It has definitely been a hectic couple of weeks with both of the girls Birthday’s being a week apart, I am still sold on a much smaller celebration, it feels so much more special than the larger parties that we normally throw for them.

My focus is now fully on Halloween, I have almost finished my Halloween at Home blog, so keep your eyes peeled. We are having a small Halloween party at home, so I am beginning to plan for that. Flo and I are checking out our newly opened B&M store tomorrow to see what Halloween goodies we can find, so if you follow me on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/mamadoitblog/ keep an eye out for my stories to find out what we buy!