You’ve survived another week of homeschooling, virtual high five! Bella’s enthusiasm has dwindled towards the end of this week, I think she is missing school and seeing her friends. We focused more on learning through play on Thursday and Friday and that cheered her up. Here is a round up of this week’s homeschooling activities, I hope it helps!

Day One


Bella’s school topic is Mystical & Magical Creatures & Beasts, so Bella’s teacher Miss Deagle asked the children to read The Night Dragon and design a dragon mask or scale. Maude the Dragon in the story is very colourful, so Bella decided to decorate both and she wanted her dragon mask and scale to look like a rainbow.

I brought this lovely Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene-Fairy-Garden set for £14.99 on Amazon and it’s brilliant. It’s not only great for hand-eye coordination, it’s great for fine motor skills and imaginative play. Bella stamped a scene and then she told her own story, she also had a go at writing the first letter of each stamped picture.

Handwriting Practice

Miss Deagle asked the children to practice writing the letter M, we were sent a Letter Formation Worksheet to print out, this can be found on Twinkl

Monkey Balance

Monkey Balance is a fun, maths game suitable for all ages, I brought it on Amazon for £12.99 It’s a great balancing Maths game, which teaches basic counting, number recognition and it’s perfect for pre-schoolers and maths beginners. Simply pick a card and your child has to work out the sum, using the numbers and monkeys provided. This game kept both girls entertained for ages.

Day Two

Capacity experiments

This week’s theme was all about capacity, Bella and Flo took part in several activities and experiments to guess what the biggest and smallest capacity was. We looked at pictures of a glass that had different amounts of water in it and Bella and Flo took it in turns to decide whether the glass was half full, full, empty, almost empty, half empty or almost full. They then took it in turns to fill up a glass with water to match the pictures.

Using our Learning Resources Primary Science Mix and Measure set we did a couple of experiments and the girls estimated what jugs and cups had the biggest capacity. The jug experiment was a trick question because although the jugs looked a different size, they could hold the same quantity of liquid, this blew Bella’s mind. Next the girls took it in turn to estimate what the biggest measuring cup was and they filled each measuring cup with plastic fruit, counting as they did it. As an extra challenge, Bella wrote each number down and then she counted the three totals together, with my help of course.

Fine Motor Skills

Following on with the capacity theme, Miss Deagle asked the children to cut out different pictures that showed items that were full, half empty or empty and then Bella had to sort them and put them in the right category box. Cutting is a great way to strengthen your little ones fingers and it’s also a great activity for practicing those all important fine motor skills. You could print out shapes or ask your child to draw a picture and cut it out.

Phonics & Play-Doh

When practicing phonics, letters and even words, ask your child to model it out of play-doh, it’s a fun and alternative way of learning and it’s lots of fun. It’s a great way of encouraging your child to concentrate and really think hard about the shape of the letter.

CVC Words

Miss Deagle gave the letter V as a new letter and phonics to learn. We discussed how it sounded, if it was a long sounding letter or short and we also discussed what words or objects began with the letter V. Bella suggested words including Vet, van and vegetables and she gave a couple of sentences that included those words. Miss Deagle challenged the children to write their chosen word beginning with V, So Bella wrote Vet.

Day Three


Miss Deagle asked the children to draw a picture or write a letter and post it to one of their classmates, this was to help “fill their happy bucket up”. Bella and Flo wasted no time and using their Melissa & Doug Stamp-a-Scene-Fairy-Garden, they set to work and they made their friends Caitlyn, Vienna and Aria a card. Bella was so proud of herself because she wrote in the cards all by herself. This is a lovely activity to do and it breaks up the day nicely.

Winter Scavenger Hunt

We we were sent a Winter Scavenger Hunt (you can find it on Twinkl) to complete, so we wrapped up warm and had a walk around our village. The girls really enjoyed it and even though it was a bit drizzly, it gave us a good excuse to get out and get some fresh air.

Plan, Do, Review

Bella was asked to do her own Plan, Do and Review. Using her Limmys Build My Dream Garden planned to build her own Flower Fairy Garden, she used lots of different colours and she was totally engrossed. This activity is great for improving hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and imaginative play. Bella then had to draw a picture to review what she had done and she wrote the word flowers on her picture to.

Dino Dice

Dino Dice is fast becoming one of Bella’s favourite games, it’s only £7.99 and it’s available from Bigjigs Toys It’s a brilliant, simple and fun game, for maths beginners and it’s a great way to include maths in your daily learning. Players take it in turns to roll all three dice and the highest scoring sum wins a dino, the aim of the game is to win all three dinos. To help Bella add or subtract, we used beads, her counting fingers and we also counted or subtracted the dots on the dice.


We were asked to practice our aim, so what better target practice than playing our Tin Can Alley Game, it’s only £13.99 and it’s available from Jaques of London The girls love lobbing the beanbags at the cans, it’s great for hand-eye coordination, aim and general stress relief!

Day Four

Name Practice

Using Play-Doh Bella made her whole name and she was pretty proud of herself. She has come a long way with her writing in such a short space of time, I am so proud of her!

Our school has provided each child with their own mini whiteboard, pen and rubber, to help with writing practice and other activities, so Bella practiced writing her name. You can get a mini whiteboard and pen set from just £2.99 on Amazon They are really handy and I will be using ours for lots of different activities.


Using our Let’s Learn Early Years Letters game, only £7.99 from Jaques of London Bella practiced sounding out her phonics and matching the first letter to each word puzzle. This game is perfect for pre-schoolers to as it helps them to recognise letters and words.

Handwriting Practice

We use our Letterland Handwriting Practice books everyday, they are absolutely brilliant and have been a godsend with homeschooling. We also have a Cursive Handwriting Practice book, so next week, I am going to introduce Bella to it and she will start practicing as she will eventually end up writing in cursive at school. You can find Letterland products on Amazon

Unicorn Crafts

Using our Baker Ross Unicorn Colour-In Mask Bella designed a Unicorn mask. I love Baker Ross craft kits, they are absolutely brilliant and perfect for keeping little ones busy during lockdown.

Day Five

Wake & Shake

Bella woke herself up with a fun Wake & Shake routine! You can find Wake & Shake on YouTube and the children need to copy the moves on the screen. It’s a fun way to kickstart the day.

CVC & Red Words

I set up this activity to help Bella recognise and spell the red words that she has already learnt at school and also to encourage her to have a go at blending CVC words. You need the following to set up this activity: Tuff tray or activity tray or you can just set it up on a blanket on the floor, CVC and Red Words written out on separate cards, alphabet blocks (mine are from Bigjigs Toys or you could write your own letters on pieces of card. Line the red words on one side of the tray and the CVC words on the other side and place your Alphabet Blocks or letters in the middle.

Ask your child to pick a red word or CVC word, place it in the middle, have a go at reading or blending and then ask them to use the Alphabet Blocks or handwritten letters to spell out the word. Bella also had a go at forming simple sentences using the cards. Once you have finished the activity save the cards for another day.

Alphabet Practice

Miss Deagle sent the children an Alphabet Mat to look at (you can download it free from Twinkl). Using our Bigjigs Toys Alphabet Blocks, Bella sorted the blocks so that they matched the Alphabet Mat. Afterwards she sung The Alphabet Song and she then counted each block to learn how many letters are in the Alphabet, it’s 26 in case you were wondering.

Simple Sentences

We were sent this activity to complete, it’s a simple reading activity where your child needs to match each sentence to the correct picture, this is also available on Twinkl. Bella did find some words tricky, but she stayed focus and she managed to read each sentence. This activity is great for reading and blending practice.

Ice Experiment

Miss Deagle uploaded a video on Tapestry and she talked about the signs of Winter and ice being one of those signs. She asked the children to think about where ice came from, what it felt like, how long it takes for water to freeze and defrost and she asked them to do their own experiment at home. Bella wanted green ice, so she poured some green colouring into the measuring jug and she filled up a small container with water, she also added a couple of Flo’s “baby dinosaurs”. Tomorrow we will get it out of the freezer and she can play with it and we will time to see how long it takes to melt, this would make a great plan, do, review activity idea.

Colour Mixing

The children were sent a colour mixing chart (available on Twinkl) and they had to mix different paints to get four results. Bella really enjoyed this activity and I think she found it quite calming. Afterwards she drew a picture of a Caterpillar and she painted it too.

Fairy Crafts

Bella really enjoyed this Fairy Scratch Art Magnet set by Baker Ross She loved scratching to reveal the colours of each part of the fairy and afterwards she used them for imaginative play.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

Bella finished the week by joining in with a Dragon themed Cosmic Kids Yoga session on YouTube.