I can’t believe that we’ve been living with Covid-19 for almost a year now, I’ve forgotten what freedom feels like, whose with me? And to top it off, we are now having to homeschool our children. I’m so thankful that Bella is only in Reception, I definitely couldn’t cope if I had to teach Algebra! I truly admire parents that are trying to hold down a job whilst homeschooling or having to homeschool more than one child.

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of learning through play and that I get to work with lots of amazing brands that offer all sorts of brilliant educational toys and tools. Bella’s current topic at School is Mystical Beasts and Creatures, so I’ve been having lots of fun planning themed activities for her (some have said too much fun). The purpose of this blog is to not only give me a platform to express my journey through motherhood, but to also share ideas to help other parents.

I plan to write weekly blogs to share my homeschooling activities with you and I’ll also include links to the products that I have brought and used. My main goal throughout our homeschooling journey is to help Bella gain confidence when it comes to writing and to help her with her pencil grip. She wrote her name for the first time last week and she was so excited. It may sound really corny, but it was really special that I got to witness that milestone. 

Bella’s teacher sends a weekly activity list that we can complete if we wish. She also sets daily tasks and reads stories on Tapestry. I have found it really helpful to plan the day the night before and make a pile of all the stuff that we will be using, so that I can scoop it up in the morning, I also tick off the list after Bella has completed each activity. It’s also been really helpful to follow the same daily structure.

Bella always begins her morning by setting the date, day, month, season and daily weather on her magnetic calendar when we start at 9am, I got Bella’s Magnetic Calendar from Amazon and it’s now only £11.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Navaris-Kids-Magnetic-Calendar-Educational/dp/ Bella completes a couple of planned activities, has a 30 minute snack/play break around 10:30am, we then read a book together and she does a craft that matches the theme of the book. We normally take a 45 minute break for lunch and carry on with learning until 1:30pm.

I try and be flexible and relaxed, if Bella wants to play with the activity after we are finished, I let her, after all “play is our brain’s favourite way of learning”. It’s ok to let your kids watch YouTube or TV, we did Cosmic Yoga one day and Bella also watched some of Pete’s Dragon. There are lots of great interactive and educational games on BBC Bitesize, Reading Eggs and the CBeebies App, it’s not only a great way to break up the day, it gives you time to make a cuppa and sneak a chocolate biscuit.

What I’m trying to say is, give yourself a break, don’t put too much pressure on yourself and don’t compare yourself to other parents. None of us are experts, we are all trying our best. It’s the unknown for both parents and kids and we’ve just got to hang on in there! Keep an eye open for my Homeschooling Week One blog coming soon and give yourselves a pat on the back, you’re doing an amazing job!