Bella is a sucker for adverts and we are now getting a lot of “I want that”. As a distraction I normally tell her to ask Daddy (which she does-that girl doesn’t forget a thing). But the other day we saw an advert for Kinetic Sand and I had become the advert sucker!

To be fair the advert promised messy play without the mess-win win! So off I went on a mission to find Kinetic Sand. I thought I’d give you a mini review on it, in case you get suckered into buying it too!

I actually think it’s brilliant! It looks like multicoloured sand, but without the annoying mess sand normally brings-genius idea! The modelling Sand can be molded into any shape or size and unlike normal Sand, it actually holds!

It doesn’t stick to the surface or materials so this makes it extremely easy to clean up afterwards. It also doesn’t dry out! I brought Bella the Crazsand; Glitter Sand Deluxe Pony Play Set, £20 from Fenwicks. I’m sure you could probably find it for much cheaper online.

It does say from 4+ but maybe that’s because it’s not supposed to be eaten! I think as long as you supervise, I don’t see why younger kids can’t play with it. Bella had lots of fun playing with it!