I don’t know about you, but I am a sucker for all things personalised, especially when I am buying things for the girls. I think it’s the added personal touch that makes a gift extra special, but it also makes a great keepsake. When Mind & Matter offered to send the girls their very own personalised book each, I jumped at the chance. I just love the whole ethos behind Mind & Matter, their books not only help children develop and learn, your child is also the star of the book.

Each Mind & Matter book addresses situations or problems that young children face, but it’s done in a fun and very unique way. There are so many relevant topics to choose from including; Sleeping in your own bed, becoming an older sibling, starting school, ditching the dummy, practicing good hygiene, looking after your teeth and lots more. Throughout the book, there is an actual photograph of your child’s and the rest of your families faces, which feature at the centre of each story. I am so impressed at how professional it looks and it really is designed beautifully.

Mind & Matter books really do help your little ones to process big feelings and they certainly make it easier for your child to build up the confidence to discuss the matter together whilst reading the story. Mind & Matter collaborate with leading Child Psychologists and non-profit organisations to structure the stories, so that they help to indicate positive behavioural development and improve young children’s well-being. The fact that your child is the star of the book, and their face is featured on every page, really does help to get the message across effectively.

The girls really did love the fact that all of our faces were featured in their books, in fact they found it hilarious! They literally didn’t stop smiling the whole time they were reading their books. We only received our books this afternoon, and I have read them to the girls ten times already. Bella was sent I’m Bella, I Care For The Planet and Flo was sent I’m Flo, This Is My Bedtime Story.

Bella’s book talks about the importance of looking after our planet and the simple steps that she can take at home, to help save the environment. It also encourages her to spread the word to her friends to and Flo’s book talks about a bedtime routine and how children all over the world follow the same routine before they go to bed. I absolutely love the packaging of Mind & Matter, it really does feel like an extra special gift and each book comes with a personalised reward and sticker chart, which is an amazing added bonus.

The reward chart features your child’s face on all sorts of different characters including; Astronaut, Witch, Scuba Diver, Robot, Fire-fighter and lots more and the stickers are numbered so you can put an accessory on each character, to reward good behaviour. Mind & Matter are currently offering an amazing launch offer, which includes a personalised book of your choice, reward chart and sticker pack and gift wrap all for just £19.95 and that also includes postage, plus if you use code BPQ8R38U, you’ll get a further 20% off! I am so impressed with the girls books, that I am going to order I’m Bella I’m Starting School and I’m Flo I Don’t Need A Dummy. Check out https://mind-matter.com and see for yourselves.