I think this has to be Bella’s favourite (and mine), Mr Maker by Toucan Box to date. How cool are these guys?! Bella has named them Glitch and Other Glitch (inspired by Go Jetters) and she hasn’t stopped playing with them. They’ve been up to all sorts! They are very handy in the toy kitchen.

Once I helped with threading the pipe cleaners through the sock to create crazy hair, Bella did all the rest herself. She really enjoyed decorating them and found their moustaches really funny. These would be really easy to recreate again.

That’s what I love most about these kits. They not only give the kids something cool to play with at the end, they give you ideas for future crafts! The Activity book & Sticker that’s included in the kit, is also an added bonus.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Bella takes Glitch & Other Glitch to bed with her tonight! If you want to give one of these boxes a try, they offer the first box for £1! Check out website www.free.mistermakerclub.com.