Hands up if you’ve ever started a DIY Project and was completely naive at how long it would actually take to complete? That’s my cue to fiercely wave my hands in the air. I have always wanted to build the girls a wooden play house, but we have spent a few years renting, so I have never taken the plunge. Our new house has just over one acre of land, so I’ve wasted no time and I have brought a load of kid stuff to fill it up with, #sorrynotsorry.

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The first project is the girls Play House, my very clever Dad is in charge of the building and I have been assisting. I shipped the girls off to my parents and my Mum looked after them whilst my Dad and I spent the whole day building a base, yes a base. I had no idea how much work goes into building a 6ft x 6ft wooden base, in my little world we would build the house in a day and have it painted and fully furnished with pretty accessories, boy was I in for a huge wake up call.

To be fair we weren’t starting with a straight, solid foundation, my garden is full of clay so it’s very bumpy and uneven. Since Operation Play House, I have so much respect for builders and labourers because it is bloody hard work, the next day I felt like I had done a full body workout. I also have a huge amount of admiration for my Dad because he is a genius, I didn’t realise how clever he is at building things, he also shares the same vision and enthusiasm as me, which is a dangerous combination because Operation Play House has gone from a simple wooden play house to an epic wooden play house, with a wrap around wooden porch/veranda, picket fencing and gate, oops!

I have been busy painting the house and that is taking longer than I thought! To be fair it didn’t help that I ran out of paint (I have always been crap with measurements) and the fact that I have to keep stopping to wipe bums, hand out snacks, break up fights and cook the dinner hasn’t helped either. The girls also like to put my nerves on edge by bursting into the freshly painted play house and stick their fingers all over the wet paint. I decided to paint the whole of the inside of the playhouse white, which I quickly regretted, I blame Pinterest.

I didn’t realise how much work it would take to paint the house white, I have almost finished the first coating, but I reckon it’s going to take another two coatings to look half decent, FML. The girls have a bunk in their play house so that they can climb up and read stories, I have painted that a pretty pink, which is now covered in white splat marks, luckily I still have some pink paint left so I will give it another coating once the white is all done. I am aiming to finish painting the house by this weekend and then we can start on the decking!

We have big plans for the girls area including their epic play house, big play frame with slide, bridge and swings (next project), mud kitchen (brought from Aldi still needs building) and a woodland pathway that includes a bridge, tree swing and fairy garden! Stay tuned to see how we get on, with my Dad on side anything is possible. I will post another update of the play house soon and I will keep you updated with my DIY projects.