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Homeschooling Ideas: Week Three

Hey everyone! How are you all doing? We’ve got another week under our belts, only 20 more days until February Half Term, not that I am keeping count (she says sarcastically). Here is your weekly round up of homeschooling activities and ideas, I hope it…


Homeschooling Ideas: Week Two

You’ve survived another week of homeschooling, virtual high five! Bella’s enthusiasm has dwindled towards the end of this week, I think she is missing school and seeing her friends. We focused more on learning through play on Thursday and Friday and that cheered her up….


Homeschooling: Week One

Hands up if you’re feeling a tad overwhelmed by homeschooling? Don’t worry you are not alone. As promised, I said I would share my weekly homeschooling activities, I hope these ideas are helpful, you can take what you want, change or adapt to suit your…



I can’t believe that we’ve been living with Covid-19 for almost a year now, I’ve forgotten what freedom feels like, whose with me? And to top it off, we are now having to homeschool our children. I’m so thankful that Bella is only in Reception, I…


Send Wine!

To say I’ve had an eventful couple of weeks would be an understatement. Firstly I got locked out of my Instagram account for five days and genuinely thought I had lost my account. This may sound trivial, but after building my page up for the…


Crafty Christmas

If you’ve been following my blog for a while you will know two things; we love arts and crafts and we love Baker Ross! Being a busy Mama to two little whirlwinds, the easier the craft the better. The thing I love most about Baker…

Toy Reviews


As you can tell by the massive grins on the girls faces, they were over the moon with their beautiful Trudi soft toys. I can’t blame them, they really do make the most wonderful gifts. As promised I am going to be keeping you up…


Elf on The Shelf: Week One

The elves have landed and the festive fun is in full swing! I love how excited the girls get every morning when they wake up to discover what mischief the elves have gotten up to. This is the first year that Flo has understood what…