Hands up who loved playing Teachers when they were little? Ever since Bella has started School, one of her favourite games is playing Teacher. Albeit Bella can be quite bossy in her role play, she does love to try and teach Flo new things. I have promised to shout about amazing small businesses on the run up to Christmas, so today’s blog is dedicated to Playteachers; an award winning, role play game that allows little imaginations to run wild.

We were kindly sent a Playteachers pack to review and the girls had so much fun. Bella aka Miss Claus was the main teacher and Flo aka Miss Dress was the teaching assistant and the girls favourite teddies were the pupils. Bella lined up all the teddies and she took the register, she was very excited to hit her snake teddy Hissy with a late card, when he missed the register. Flo reminded the pupils of the classes Golden Rules and she demonstrated how to put up your hand before you speak.

With Playteachers your children can create their own mini classrooms in the comfort of their own homes. The pack includes everything you need including; Register, late card, star of the week certificate, star reader certificate, dry wipe flashcard and pen, homework chart, stickers, fun sheets, daily timetable and lots more. Bella took her role very seriously and she planned lots of activities for her class, she read them stories, the girls sung Incy Wincey Spider and Bella rewarded Flo with a sticker for her “excellent singing”, they practised phonics and shapes and the girls teddies were all rewarded with stickers.

The Playteachers pack only costs £9.99 and it would make a perfect Christmas for children aged between 4-10 years old. I love that you can also buy booster packs, which gives endless possibilities of play. Play lunchtimes allows your mini Teacher to choose lunch choices for the class, check to see what’s on the menu each day. Play School Trips allows your child to plan school trips for the class, including who sits with who and where the class visits.

Each booster pack costs £4.99 or you can buy the Playteacher Trio Pack which includes all three for just £16.99. If your little ones love imaginative play and to think outside the box, I highly recommend that you check out https://www.playteachers.com it would definitely make a unique and super fun Christmas present! It’s also a great way to boost confidence and encourage your little ones to practice what they learn at School.