I’ve been meaning to write this blog for a while, but I can officially say that Flo is potty trained! It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride, full of regression, dumps in the pants and general defiance, but after two attempts, it was third time lucky and she has cracked it. She’s been nappy free since mid December and is now sleeping in knickers. She decided that the day her broken elbow was put in full cast, was the perfect day to start, because who doesn’t like a challenge? I still have visions of her, attempting to climb up on the toilet, one armed, whilst fiercely refusing help.

I first attempted to potty train Flo when she was 2.5 years old, we did a mix of both potty and toilet and she took to it really well. For two weeks, she was pretty much potty trained apart from bedtime and she even wore knickers when we were out and about with her My Carry Potty https://www.mycarrypotty.com to hand. If you’re thinking of potty training or are in the early stages, you seriously need to check out My Carry Potty, its an absolute game changer and it will make your life so much easier. It’s lightweight, it fits under the buggy and you can lock the lid, so if your little one needs to do their business when you are out and about, you can flush it away once you get to a toilet or get home.

There are lots of cute designs to choose from and Flo carried her Cat My Carry Potty around proudly. Unfortunately after two weeks, she completely threw the towel in and started to sneak away when she needed to poo and I would find her hiding in a corner somewhere or behind the door, whilst she was doing her business in her knickers, she would also blatantly just pee herself on the spot without even making a dash to the toilet. I admitted defeat and I put her back into nappies. Fast forward two months, Flo broke her elbow and when she came home from the hospital with her whole right arm in cast, she dramatically declared that she needed a wee and she dashed to the toilet.

I was pretty flabbergasted because it came out of the blue, plus I was still getting over the shock of her breaking her arm. Flo is a fierce female and she was adamant that she didn’t need any help and that was it, her potty training journey had started again. This time she was really ready and it was as if a switch had been flicked, she just got it. I left it three weeks and waited until she had a full week of dry nappies in the morning, before she ditched the nappies at night and touch wood, she hasn’t had an accident so far.

If you are wondering whether your little one is ready to potty train, all I would say is don’t stress about it, it’s far too tempting to compare your child to others. Trust me your child will show you when they are ready and when they are not. Just give it a go, buy lots of cheap underwear (George has lots) and I found that setting a timer every 30 minutes helped at first, encourage them to sit on the potty or toilet and if they squeeze a wee, give them lots of praise and a sticker on their chart, if you are using reward charts. If they have an accident try and stay calm and don’t make a big deal out of it.

If your looking at ways to gently encourage your child, I would recommend that you check out either TotsUp Big Red Bus Reward chart https://www.totsup.co.uk or Mind & Matter https://www.mind-matter.com. The TotsUp 3D, Magnetic Bus is brilliant, it’s available in pink or red and there are lots of different characters you can buy including Princesses & Princes, animals and emergency services, whenever your child initiates using the potty or toilet or successfully uses it, they can stick a character on their bus.

Mind & Matter make beautiful personalised books that cover all important topics including potty training and your child is the star of the show, you can also buy a bundle which includes a personalised reward chart. The girls absolutely love theirs and it has definitely helped to encourage good behaviour. You can also buy a variety of different potty training picture books on Amazon, that you can read at bedtime, to help plant the seed. If you’re in the middle of potty training hang in there, it does get easier and before you know it, you will no longer need trips down the nappy aisle!