So Flo has been scrounging for food for the past couple of weeks! Well it feels that way.  She will stare you down, with a stare so intense and her eyes will not leave whatever food is in your hand!

If you’re eating when your holding her, she makes a lunge in a vain attempt to steal your snack! We call her Mini Munch (her sister is Monster Munch).


So today we thought we’d give her a treat a broke off a bit of Rusk (reduced sugar). She was like a shark!


Just look at the delight in her face! It did show me that she isn’t quite ready for weaning yet as she hasn’t quite cracked the whole hand to mouth coordination skill.


But she is only 4 months so I think I’m going to see how she’s holding herself etc in a couple of weeks and then try some purées!

I’ve got a new Ella’s Kitchen weaning book that I’m excited to try so watch this space for purée ideas & Flo’s take on it! It’s all fun & games!