To say I’ve had an eventful couple of weeks would be an understatement. Firstly I got locked out of my Instagram account for five days and genuinely thought I had lost my account. This may sound trivial, but after building my page up for the past three years and almost gaining 20k followers, plus all the endless effort to create content, engage and build good relationships with brands, I was completely devastated. I literally felt like someone had died.

A tad dramatic I know, but thankfully a very kind influencer helped me get back in and all was good again. Secondly, on Sunday Flo fell and broke her right arm. We didn’t actually realise it was broken at first, because her elbow looked fairly normal, it was just a bit red. Flo is quite a tough cookie so when she kept crying on and off, alarm bells started to ring.

She wouldn’t move her right arm on Sunday evening and she kept holding it, but because it looked normal, we thought she may have just bruised it, so we gave her Calpol and agreed that if she wakes in the night or is still in pain in the morning we would take her to A&E. She slept until 5am the next morning and woke crying because her elbow hurt, so we had a quick breakfast, I pulled a jumper over her PJ’s and I drove her to A&E. I was armed with sanitiser, snacks, Troll toys and her Amazon Fire Tablet and thankfully that was enough to keep her entertained for the 4.5 hours we were there.

I couldn’t get over how brave Flo was, her arm was tugged, poked and pulled around and she remained so dignified, she didn’t make a sound, until the nurse poked above her elbow, which turns out to be the part that she has cracked. She had to have an X-ray which she handled like a pro and then there was a further hour wait to be seen again to discuss the results. At this point Flo was beginning to feel a little miffed, I could of promise her the world but her response would be a very loud “NO MUMMY, I WANT TO GO HOME”.

We were finally seen and were briefly told that Flo had cracked the bone above her elbow and that she would need to have a plaster cast on her arm. Flo’s brave bravado began to waver and when we were being led into the room to have her plaster cast on, she almost began to cry which of course almost set me off, however she was able to sit on my lap and thought it was really funny when Mummy was getting covered in plaster, I took one for the team. It didn’t take too long and she was entertained by shaving people’s hair off on one of her hairdressing apps.

Flo has to wear a plaster cast for a total of six weeks, she currently has a soft cast on, which will be changed in two weeks for a harder cast. It’s been four days and she is handling it like a pro, you wouldn’t even know that she has broken her arm. She has decided that now would be a perfect time to brush up on her ninja skills and she has been practicing the art of one armed climbing, rolling, running, twirling and any other activity to push Mummy’s nerves over the edge.

She has also decided to initiate potty training again and takes great pleasure in stressing Mummy out with her one armed climb onto the toilet. Thankfully I have managed to persuade her to use the potty, but she is still happy to poo and wee in her nappy, so we aren’t officially on the potty training train yet. I must admit I have turned into a Helicopter Parent since Flo has broken her arm, you know the type that gasps and panics at anything and everything. Flo has perfected a look that say’s “really Mummy?!” every time that I fuss.

When Bella first saw Flo with her arm in plaster she pointed and laughed, but Flo soon took the jam of out of her doughnut when she announced that she had a Happy Meal and saw Auntie Tracy without her, this made Bella cry, touche Flo touche! Bath time has become a military operation with the aim of getting Flo washed as quickly as I can to avoid her plaster cast getting wet. I have been giving her a duck wash most nights and she washes her feet and bits by sitting in her baby doll’s bath! Tonight I stuck a plastic bag on the plaster cast so that she could have a shower.

I am hoping that I will learn to relax and not fuss too much, I think we forget how robust and tough these little people are. It’s crazy to think how easy it actually is to break a bone. It hasn’t scared Flo one bit, in fact she is even more daring than before, but I think it goes hand in hand with her becoming a threenager, but I will save that for another blog. I apologise for my lack of Christmas inspo blogs, after these recent events, the wind has been taken out of my sail and I feel like I’m running on fumes, but fear not I shall be rocking and rolling again soon.