These two mini diva’s are really starting to bond now and it’s really fun to watch! Flo absolutely adores her big Sister Bella and I can already tell it’s spurring her on to grow up quicker-not such a good thing.

Bella has finally accepted that this little critter isn’t going anywhere and actually she’s quite the bundle of fun! Bella also really enjoys it when Flo smiles & laughs at her! An adoring fan in the making.

I fear that they will soon start ganging up on me! They already egg each other on! At meal times, Flo has started to blow raspberries with a mouth full of purée (fun times) and Bella finds it absolutely hilarious so this makes Flo do it even more.

Bella was showing Flo a few tricks and how to do a ‘handstand’, well Bella’s version of one. I could see Flo taking it all in and adding it to her ‘to do list’.

On another note, how cute do they both look in their matching Crochet Bear Cardigans made by the very clever & talented Auntie Jess! They are perfect for spring; nice & cosy without being too heavy!