Bath time has always been one of Bella’s favourite past times. I think she was a mermaid in her previous life. She would literally play in the bath for hours if we let her. I’ve heard great things about Mini-U, so I thought I’d treat the girls to some of their Fun Bathtime Collection products.

Bath Bombs are a great way to get kids involved and excited about bath time, especially if there is a promise of a toy. There’s a surprise toy in every Mini-U Bath Bomb, so the girls were very keen for last night’s bath, even Flo was excited and she’s like a Cat when it comes to bath time.

Bella chose the “Dinosaur” Green coloured bath bomb and as it dissolved and fizzed away, the whole bathroom smelt of Kiwi. There are three different colours to choose from Blue (Blueberry), Pink (Melon) and Green (Kiwi). Costing only £3.95 for three, I was impressed at how reasonably priced these products are, considering how much the main stream brands charge for their bath bombs.

The best bit about these Bath Bombs is that they contain no nasties. Both of my girls have sensitive skin, so I need to be really careful with what I put in their baths. The water felt really silky and their skin felt lovely and soft when they eventually got out. I can also confirm that the Mini-U Bath Bombs are gentle, as Flo kindly threw a cup of bath water in my face and it didn’t sting!

It’s been so long since the girl’s have had fun playing in the bath together. The past couple of weeks, Flo has only lasted 5 minutes in the bath before she screams to get out. Last night she was so fascinated by the Green bath water that she happily played for 25 minutes before I got her out.

A big Thanks to Mini-U for making bath time fun again for Flo! Check out and see for yourself. Tonight we are going to try out Zimpli Kids Gelli Baff. Bella is so excited but I think I’m secretly more excited than she is! Watch this space for my Tried & Tested review!