Hands up if you’re sometimes guilty of feeling too busy to worry about the environment? It’s so easy to get wrapped up in our own little worlds, I know I certainly could do more. I’ve realised that it doesn’t take much to make a difference, just by making a few changes, it can really have a huge impact on the environment. I have recently collaborated with an amazing company called Tru Earth, a family run business and founders of eco-friendly washing detergent and I just had to shout about them because it’s really refreshing to find a laundry product that is so good for the environment yet it still does a great job at cleaning your clothes.

There are three different Tru Earth Eco-Strips to choose from including; Baby which has been specially formulated for your baby’s clothes, it smells so lovely and is very gentle on delicate skin. Fresh Linen which has been ultra-concentrated and literally leaves your washing smelling fresh for days and there are also Fragrance Free Eco-Strips. Each Tru Earth Eco-Strip is hypoallergenic, eco-friendly, mess free, comes in zero waste, compostable packaging, suitable for all washing machines, can be used on a hot or cold wash, paraben-free, phosphate-free, free of chlorine bleach, free of added dyes and they are vegan, what’s not to love?!

I love how simple these Eco-Strips are to use, you simply load up the washing machine, tear off one strip and throw it the machine, eco-friendly living couldn’t be any easier! Simply by swapping your usual washing detergent/tablets to Tru Earth Eco-Strips you are helping to keep 700,000,000 plastic jugs out of landfills per year, how amazing is that? I also really like the fact that these Eco-Strips are faff free, I hate how messy using washing powder can be, not to mention that annoying gunk you can sometimes get in your washing machine when your washing tablet has dissolved properly.

Each Eco-Strip contains just as much cleaning power as 40g of liquid or powdered detergents, plus they make excellent space savers, you don’t have the worry of bulking plastic bottles or big washing powder boxes. There are different sized packs including; 32 loads for £13.99, 64 loads for £24.98 and you can buy bundles or you can subscribe and get 16% off! As well as laundry strips, Tru Earth also offer Beeswax Food Wraps, Reusable Fabric Softener, Multi-Surface Eco-Strips, Bamboo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads and Bamboo Cutlery Sets. Check out their website https://www.truearth.uk/ to view the full range and order online.