I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I have last posted a blog, oops! I honestly feel like my life is a whirlwind right now, my Hubby has been working abroad for the past three weeks, so I have been solo parenting. Being a full time Mum, I am predominantly the more hands-on parent, but it does make such a difference when there is someone else to run the bath, do stories at bedtime and entertain the kids so that I can go to the loo without having an audience, not to mention having adult conversation in the evening.

Bella has just finished her second, full time week at School and she is absolutely loving it. We have been keeping ourselves busy with copious play dates with Bella’s new class mates and my lovely Mummy friends have been keeping me company in the evening. Flo is still really enjoying her pre-school and she has started back at Baby Ballet. Little Miss popular had two play dates back to back on Wednesday, seriously my girls have a better social life than I ever will!

I must admit I am still adjusting to the change in dynamics in our lives since Bella has started School. Flo has designated the role of full time playmate to me and god help me if my imaginative capabilities aren’t up to scratch. I spend a lot of my day, trying to hide from her so that I can enjoy a hot cuppa in peace and sneak a chocolate biscuit #notsorry. I have also been fitting in training when both of the girls are at school and pre-school, so I have been spinning a lot of plates and not quite finding the time to blog.

My blog revolves largely around parenting and the girls are of course my inspiration. With Bella at school full time, it’s hard to find the time to take pictures and do our product reviews. I’m having to dedicate at least one day during the weekend, to pap the girls and film, luckily it’s fun things for them to unbox so they don’t mind. I do have a couple of Halloween blogs up my sleeve, and with the girls Birthday’s around the corner, there will be plenty of Birthday spam too, so watch this space!