Have you ever had one of those moments when you simply forget that you are the parent for a split second? I had one of those moments the other night. My Hubby has been working abroad for weeks, I’ve been nursing a chest infection, solo parenting, plus homeschooling, so you can imagine my relief when bedtime comes. What parent doesn’t yearn for that blissful couple of hour’s peace when their children go to bed?!

When my Hubby is away, the girls often camp in my room, Bella normally shares my bed and Flo sleeps on a mattress on the floor. One evening, the girls were on a crazy high, Bella was attempting to perfect her somersault off my bed onto Flo’s mattress on the floor and Flo was busy raiding my underwear drawer, does anyone else’s child do this? Once she helped herself to a pair of big pants (every woman has a pair of Bridget Jones pants in their drawers, don’t try to deny it), which she decided to wear as a scarf, she also hung a bra around her neck and wore another pair of my knickers, thankfully they were pretty ones, because when the postman knocked, she shoved past me and said proudly “I’m wearing Mummy’s knickers and booboo (she can’t say boobies, she says booboo’s and that’s what she calls my bra), I could of died!

After several eviction threats, I eventually managed to calm the girls down, we read stories, brushed teeth and they were finally settled in their beds. I said good night with a sigh of relief and all of a sudden I heard a crunching sound. I turned around and there’s Flo, bold as brass, casually munching on a Kiddylicious Wafer that she had hidden under her pillow! She couldn’t care less that Mummy had just battled to clean her teeth properly a couple of second ago and then came the mumtrum (Mummy tantrum).

At this point I was off my face tired and furious that I would now have to battle again to clean Flo’s teeth properly, so as I stomped off to get her toothbrush, I kicked the wooden leg of my bed. It hurt so much that I just had a full, blow tantrum and just screamed. Bella, the more sensitive out of the two, was just stunned and said nothing, Flo on the other hand burst into a fit of uncontrolable giggles (definitely her Mother’s Daughter), followed by “you’re such a drama Queen Mummy”, talk about low blow! To be fair she did have a valid point, but in my defence my toe hurt for about a week, I reckon Flo would tell me to call a “waa-bulance”.

Flo is such a little minx, she is very defiant and stubborn but she is also hilarious and fiercely loyal, if anyone upsets a person she cares about, you better hit the road, because she will come after you, she often reminds me of Scrappy Doo! I’m sure this won’t be last of my mumtrum’s but as long as I have Flo to keep me in check, I’ll be ok! Hand’s up if you’ve had a tantrum recently!